Dimaco Dimaco - Direct Mail Company - April 16, 2024

Dimaco: Direct Mail Solutions for Your Political Campaign

Dimaco, a trusted Texas-based printing and mailing company with over 30 years of experience, offers comprehensive political mail services to help candidates and campaigns connect with voters.

Here’s how we can empower your voice:

Targeted Reach: Forget scattershot approaches. Dimaco leverages data and analytics to create targeted mailing lists, pinpointing voters most receptive to your message. Whether by demographics, voting history, or even specific interests, we ensure your mail lands in the right hands.

Cost-Effective Strategies: Political campaigns often operate on tight budgets. Dimaco understands this and offers a range of services to optimize your spending. From Every Door Direct Mail® reaching entire neighborhoods to personalized postcards, we tailor solutions to your campaign’s needs and budget.

Streamlined Printing & Mailing: Time is of the essence in elections. Dimaco’s in-house printing capabilities ensure fast turnaround times for your mail pieces, whether brochures, flyers, or attention-grabbing postcards. Our expertise in postal regulations guarantees smooth mail delivery, maximizing your campaign’s impact.

Impactful Design: A powerful message deserves a strong presentation. Dimaco’s experienced designers craft persuasive mailers that resonate with voters. Eye-catching visuals, strategic calls to action, and compelling messaging ensure your campaign stands out in the crowded mailbox.

Data-Driven Results: Tracking and analyzing results is crucial for campaign success. Dimaco provides insights into mail engagement, allowing you to refine your strategy and target future mailings more effectively. This data-driven approach helps you maximize your return on investment.

Remember, political mail remains a powerful tool for voter engagement. With Dimaco’s targeted reach, cost-effective solutions, and data-driven approach, you can ensure your message resonates with voters and drives them to the polls.

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“Please accept this note of thanks from all of us at Cumulus Media!
Your attention to detail and quick turnaround time...helped make our event a great success”

Mark Waring
Cumulus Media Partners

“ Everyone here at Jani-King is sincerely impressed with the results...You all continue to exceed our expectations
I can't wait to see what you guys do with our next project. Thanks again!.”

Jerry Wenninger
Graphic Designer

“ I have enjoyed working with such a dedicated team...I always know I will have an excellent finished product that will get results”

Amy Camp
Sr. Manager of Stradivarious Patrons

“ Thank you for providing creative professional design and quality print pieces for our museum. ...it represents the Heard well. ...I am very happy with Dimaco's work”

Amber Kaiser
Marketing and Communications Director

“ Our print materials have to be top-notch and reflect the affluence of the D Magazine brand ...Dimaco has never disappointed me. Our materials always arrive on time and look beautiful”

Jessica Carten
Marketing Manager
Dimaco – Direct Mail Company