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Mail Services

We have the ability to print and mail all of your pieces. Whether it’s 1 -1,000,000. We print all types of mail including postcards, letters, fold-outs, brochures, flats, and more. Let us know what you are considering and in what amount and we can give you a no-cost estimate. If you’re not certain, feel free to reach out and we can give you advice on what would work best for your business, and what your current competition is doing so you can stand out.


Postal Presorting

Our mail presorting services save you money on postage and speed delivery time.

Our advanced mail presort technology lets us barcode and presort your mail according to 3 and 5 digit ZIP code. Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process. The ease of processing allows the Postal Service to charge us, and you, less postage. Whether it’s first-class or standard mail, we get you the best possible postage rates. In order to accurately process mail and integrate it into the mail stream, we use high-speed sorting machines and recognition systems that are very similar to the ones used by the Postal Service. We can CASS certify your mail, spray barcodes (if necessary), and sort mail into the most accurate ‘final destination’ ZIP code. Once sorted by ZIP, the mail is put into trays and presented to the USPS for mailing at a discounted rate on your behalf.


Inkjetting The Addresses

Personalization can play a key role in the success of your direct mail marketing campaigns. Even something as simple as a personalized headline or greeting can have a significant impact on response. That’s where our state-of-the-art inkjet address service comes into play. Once we print your mailer, we can personalize it as we address it, all in one easy step. Choose any font you’d like, any size, and any ink color. Our equipment can even add a personalized or static headline or ad line anywhere on the mailer at the same time it’s applying the address.

Prefer address labels instead? We can do that, too. We can even barcode and live stamp your pieces as they’re being addressed, saving time and ensuring better accuracy. Our equipment can print on virtually any surface, including coated papers designed to withstand the wear-and-tear of automated Postal Service sorting equipment. It’s just one of the many services our mailing department provides to ensure better results for you.


Street View

A great option for those in the home services industry. When we pull a mailing list for your Direct Mail campaign, we can simultaneously print a picture of their home on that mailer. This works great when businesses are inquiring about potentially buying the property from the current owner.


Postage Discounts

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers significant discounts for volume business mailings and nonprofit organizations. These discounts apply to basically all types of business mail and can significantly reduce the cost of postage at your company.

When you work with a mailing services specialist at our printing firm, you can be sure you’ll receive the lowest postage rate and the best possible delivery times.

Unlike traditional mailing houses, we’re unique because we have the ability to take your mailing piece from design through delivery to the post office. We specialize in mailing services project management. Why would you want to have your mailing project designed at one place, printed at another, and then mailed at a third place? We can save you significant time—and hassles—when you let us manage the entire print and mail process for you.


Qualifying for discounts

To qualify for mailing discounts, your mailer must meet certain guidelines set by the USPS. Generally speaking, your piece must meet size restrictions (length, width, and thickness), weight restrictions, and design/layout requirements.


Nonprofit mail

A qualified nonprofit organization is entitled to significant mailing discounts over standard mailing rates.


Presorting – DPBC (Delivery Point Barcode)

Presorted mail that is sorted by ZIP code and imprinted with a barcode prior to delivery to the post office can save you money. The USPS gives discounts to companies who participate in their “revenue sharing program” (that’s really what they call it). In order to receive these discounts, your mail must be CASS certified, sorted, trayed, tagged, sleeved, and strapped… all services we provide.

To learn more about postage discounts and designing an effective mailer, visit the USPS’s helpful Business Mail 101 resource page.

Printing With Dimaco

Nothing matters more in the effectiveness of your campaign than the quality of print. Even a well-designed piece, if not produced with integrity and experience, will fail when put to the test. For this reason, Dimaco consistently reinvests in cutting-edge technology and experienced pressmen to create the highest quality finished product possible.

As part of our complete print services, Dimaco offers personalization, fulfillment, folding, tabbing, and bindery integrated with our on-site mail shop. Submitting a job is as easy as clicking the upload file button on the top of the page.  For details about our equipment or prepress/art requirements please contact us today.

Dimaco offers printing and fulfillment as a single component making us your full-service and all inclusive marketing strategy.


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